Pathway to the Divine - 9 Week Immersion

Join me in this unique and powerful program as we deep dive into the deep wisdom keepers and shift, heal and renew our lives in all ways.  

Start today! 


Learn from the Masters

We will connect with the autism collective consciousness, mother earth, plants, trees, animals and more to receive openly the wisdom and insight that is available for our journey. 

An Ancient Technique in Modern Times

The program format has been used successfully in the autism community with many mothers, known as The Autism Transformation Project.   But it's not is a method of healing hidden for thousands of years powered by unconditional love.   Join the many others who have awakened and healed to their own divinity.  

Connect and Create

Join with other beautiful souls (men and women) as we connect deeply as a tribe, creating friendships and community as we heal and learn.  

Here's How It Works

This immersive experience is open to all souls. As we form a community we become our own support team. You'll be both healer and healed during this experience.

Each week we will focus on a very specific topic and connect with divine wisdom as to specific strategies, exercises, challenges and discoveries we can make.   Sample topics are...Faith, Surrender, Abundance, Service, Forgiveness, Strength, Unconditional Love and Unity.  

Each week we will have 3 webinars and challenges in between. There are a total of 27 webinars!

You can expect to do easy meditation, breathwork and energetic exercises.  Learn to connect deeply to your heart and others.  Understand your soul purpose and how to embody it into your daily life.

If you are ready to go more deeply, I will offer you challenges to stretch you, help you to heal more deeply from trauma, anxiety and fear.  

You'll finish with a deep reverence and understanding of how to understand your life experiences, shift and understand yourself and finally allow yourself the freedom to be YOU!  

This is not a religious based program but it is spiritually based which honors all belief systems.  It is a healing system for EVERYONE!  

Our past participants have had major improvements in their relationships, parenting skills, ability to deal with stress and several had FULL BLOWN SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS and have activated many of their beautiful gifts they are sharing with the world.    Many even saw behavioral changes in their kids and animals just by mom doing this program.  


Start Your Journey NOW!

It's time to do it! If you've been feeling like there is more for you out in the world, like you're off track and not living your purpose. THIS IS THE WORK already PROVEN to help you ALIGN with the divine inside of you, so beautiful the world MUST KNOW YOU!


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